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MTV UP! Summer Tour

MTV UP!, 26.07.2017.

Any truly influential brand brings a human value to the table. This is the one value which is present in everything the brand does, and intends to do. It’s also a value which the brand shares in common with its consumers. The value is expressed in one simple word. For MTV UP! Energy Drink, that value is passion for music. In order to show our passion this summer we decided to launch MTV UP! Summer Tour within which we will visit some of the major festivals across United Kingdom:

Mutiny Festival
Portsmouth, May 27th – 28th 2017

El Dorado Festival
Ledbury, June 30th – July 3rd 2017

Made Festival
Birmingham, July 29th 2017

Brighton Pride Festival
Brighton, August 4th – 6th 2017

Southbeats Festival
Port Lympane, September 23rd 2017

Inside Out Festival
Cardif, Spetember 30th 2017

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See you there and don’t forget to #RaiseYourself